Phooto of W Kelley Lucas

Artist's Statement


I enjoy making art that isn't a literal translation of a concept or idea. It's challenging to attempt to tell stories in a way that encourage the viewer to be a part of it and make their own interpretations — to apply their experiences to what they are seeing and find significance in the piece. It's probably rare that the observer would draw the same meaning as me.


I am always working to not over-complicate the imagery — I really try to use only the colors, textures, and elements that are absolutely necessary to get a deeper message across. The substance can be complex but the presentation needs to be straightforward.


I'm pretty sure that my many years as an Art Director in publishing has impacted my color choice and pushed me to vibrant imagery.


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W Kelley Lucas was born in Rochester, NY raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Lucas studied graphic design the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and successfully straddled the line between fine art and graphic design.


As a fine artist, Lucas has exhibited nationally over the past 30 years. As a graphic artist he was Art Director for numerous magazines and once worked with Larry Flynt in Beverly Hills.


W Kelley Lucas  lives in Saint Augustine, Florida with his wife, 8 year-old daughter, and cat, Biscuit.

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